As most breakdowns are unexpected, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation such as at the side of a freeway, on a bridge, or in the middle of a junction.

If you do experience a breakdown on a high-speed road, we suggest you follow these breakdown safety tips:

  1. Find a safe place to pull over, such as an emergency breakdown lane.
  2. Always activate your hazard lights and, if lighting is poor, also activate your parking lights.
  3. Call RAC Roadside Assistance (13 11 11) on your mobile phone or use a roadside emergency phone.
  4. If it is not safe to exit the vehicle, remain in the vehicle with your seat belt on.
  5. Exit your vehicle from the side furthest from the traffic and always check for traffic first.
  6. Close your vehicle door on exit and stand clear of the road.

Many of the dangerous conditions RAC roadside patrols experience are caused by passing motorists being inattentive or not adapting their driving to the conditions. When approaching a  breakdown or roadside emergency, adjust your speed as you pass and move over safely, away from the breakdown area.

To keep your family safe in a breakdown, find out more about the different levels of RAC Roadside Assistance cover.