Roadside Assistance Patrol, John Payne talks about his 29 years with the RAC.

When I started with the RAC in 1986 as a Roadside Patrol, the position was widely regarded as the upper echelon of positions that a motor mechanic could achieve in the automotive field, I still feel it is regarded as such. My first patrol van was a 1976 Ford Escort and I have had 10 patrol vehicles since. My current vehicle is a 2014 Mercedes Vito, what a difference from the old Escort! Believe it or not back in 1986, our breakdown test equipment consisted of just a test light, and our van jumper leads. Not even a multimeter!

This is a vast difference as to what we are issued with today, our equipment now includes OBD 2 test equipment, multimeters and state of the art battery testing equipment. Safety equipment has evolved significantly as well, as has our roadside safety. The RAC ensures we are kept up to date with the latest safety equipment that is issued.

RAC has supported my career from the very beginning. I have achieved the position of Senior Patrol, Work Place Trainer and I have worked in Dispatch and Batteries as a Supervisor. Over the preceding years RAC always provided guidance and encouragement for my achievements.

With service developments in Batteries, Auto Services and now Tyres, we can offer our member’s a great all round service. Our challenge now is to grow our membership base, and I, as well as the team of Patrols I supervise, must be diligent with our image and advise during every interaction with our members.

Although I am quickly approaching my retirement, I still enjoy my job as I did from the moment I started with the RAC 29 years ago.   I recommend it to any person seeking fulfillment in their career.

John Payne