RAC DTEC has expert trainers recognised for being at the top of their industry, with Leigh Boujos our motorbike trainer being no exception. Leigh recently competed in round 1 of the 2015 West Australian Road Racing Championship at Barbagello Raceway. Leigh’s success in the competition so far is a result of his extensive training in motorbike riding and racing. This highlights the importance of education and skills training in order to fully understand best practice methods in a safe and responsible way.

Leigh has always had an interest in anything with wheels and an engine, with a long standing family history in motorcycle racing which has led him to now ride with JB Racing on the state and national circuit. Round 1 of the Championship included three rounds and Leigh produced a great start to the morning having the second fastest time in the warm up, only 0.003 from the fastest time.

Here’s Leigh’s race report:

Going into the first state round on the JB Racing Yamaha R6 we had spent the off season mainly in the workshop and on the dyno rolling road trying to get more horsepower out of the little Yamaha. As for me I’d been working hard on sheading any excess kilos and building my fitness. This meant we were a little underdone for track time going into the first round but were happy where we sat heading into it.

In the morning warm up I was second fastest, only 0.003 from fastest time. In qualifying I found some clear track and made the most of the new tyres to run a 59.1 and secure 2nd spot on the grid. Due to my speedway background I’m a strong starter versus the Supersport class riders so was very happy with my position heading into the first race.

As soon as the lights went out for Race One I took off and got to the corner first leading the field until two riders got past into the second last corner of lap 1 moving me back to third position. Knowing that you can’t win the championship at round 1, but you sure can lose it, I followed the 2 riders in front while getting more comfortable with the R6 finishing only 2 seconds from the two in front and also setting a new personal best of 58.9 seconds.

For Race Two I was starting out of position 3 and once again got a flyer off the line getting to the first corner in front only to get hit by another rider relegating me back to 4th position. The next 8 laps had me and my brother Tim Boujos (JB racing ZX6R) swapping positions throughout the race. By the end of the race I crossed the finish line in third with Tim in forth. With both of us running 59.0 second laps for most of the race it made for the most entertaining race of the day.

In Race Three I was off to a good start again, but soon realised that the previous races had worn the best part of my rear tyre away, so struggling with excess wheel spin I rode as fast as I could and safely get the bike home. Another third position made it three thirds for the day leaving us in third position overall in the state championship.

With the two riders in front on well-tuned bikes and our team still making gains with our setup we are sitting really well for the rest of the year.

I’m looking forward to Round 2 on Sunday 21st at Barbagallo Raceway.

Leigh Boujos #84