Mike O’Doherty’s Hillman Minx has been covered by RAC’s Roadside Assistance since 1934 and has transported three generations of drivers. Mr O’Doherty recalls some of his family’s ažffectionate Hillman Minx stories.

“My grandfather ordered the Hillman Minx directly from England. It was a soft top with the optional four-speed gearbox with freewheel.”

“The Minx was purchased for my grandmother.My grandfather, always mindful of her comfort and safety, took out RAC Roadside Assistance as soon as the car was on the road.My grandmother
loved her car and drove it for many years. The longest journey the Minx did was to Kalgoorlie and back travelling on gravel roads.

“My grandparents would take my sister and me to the pictures at the Astor Theatre in Mt Lawley every Friday night.The car could not be locked but it would be parked in the street with all our belongings inside. Nothing was ever stolen.

When I got my licence at 17, I drove it for about 12 months.

“After my grandparents passed away,my father Hugh became the owner and fully restored the Minx over several years.He joined The Vintage Automobile Association and my parents had many years of enjoyment driving it.

“On my father’s death in 1996 my mother became the owner and transferred it into my name.

“This is not just a car to me; it holds many cherished family memories and I will look after and maintain it until I pass it on to one of my children.So far the Hillman has clocked up 69,241 miles. That’s quite an achievement for a 1934 model!”