Back in May MC Motorsport had some impressive “overseas guests” test their rubber on our road circuit – The ApocaLaps Car Club – an American, UK & Australian muscle and classic cars club.

The ApocaLaps Car Club started in 2014 by a man called Justin Murphy because he wanted to mix with like-minded muscle / classic car enthusiasts while testing their car’s performance.

After a long search for a suitable venue Justin found his solution in MC’s road circuit. For ApocaLaps’ first event, MC organised a fast-paced AutoKhana style competition for the club members to compete, which has kept them coming back for more.

Their most recent event was another AutoKhana and Justin had this to say about the day;

We thoroughly enjoyed having MC Motorsport run our event. The track allows us to push individual limits of both driver and car in a safe and controlled environment and caters greatly for our needs so that we can progressively improve our skills. Jurgen (MC Motorsport trainer) was a welcomed assistance on the day with his wealth of knowledge.

The ApocaLaps Car Club has grown to over 30 cars in the club, ranging from the impressive newer age muscle cars like a Corvette or Mustang, Hot and Rat Rods to the classic pre 1985 US pick-up trucks.

The club boats that its oldest car on the books is a 1925 Hot Rod and newest is a 2014 SRT Jeep. Anyone can join the club says Justin;

We have a member who’s 70 years of age and recently we just welcomed our first female competitor, only requirement is a car with muscle or class!

If you’re interested in more information about ApocaLaps you can visit their website here.

Part of a car club? Why not give MC’s circuit a go, you can find out more information here.