RAC’s Electric Highway® is ready to get charged, with E-Station coming on board as the preferred supplier of the electric vehicle charging stations.

The RAC Electric Highway® the first of its kind in Australia, and will feature 11 locations between Perth and Augusta with publicly accessible electric vehicle fast-charging DC stations.

This will enable owners of electric vehicles to travel to the State’s South-West, which will not only contribute towards the growth of a sustainable future, but also benefit the South West region by attracting electric vehicle drivers to destinations along the route.

RAC General Manager Corporate Affairs, Will Golsby, said RAC is committed to promoting environmentally friendly transport and reducing CO2 emissions.

“As a member based organisation and a mutual serving more than 800,000 members, the RAC has proudly reinvested its profits to benefit members and the community for 110 years,” Mr Golsby said.

“The RAC Electric Highway® goes back to the organisation’s foundation to once again open up the State to new transport options.

“In 1905, RAC was formed when motor vehicles were in the minority, and we see the RAC Electric Highway® as a positive and real contribution towards the growth of alternative vehicle technology.”