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New car review: 2015 Mercedes-Benz C250 BlueTEC

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the market for a new Mercedes-Benz, there’s a good chance this would be it.

It’s the new C-Class, and it’s the most popular model in the Mercedes range. In 2014, Western Australians bought 561 C-Classes, being a mixture of the old model and this new one.

A clear view of the road

Summer heat can take its toll on your windscreen wiper blades. When the rubber on older blades begins to perish it becomes less effective at clearing your windscreen. Before the winter rains
begin, check that your wipers completely clear water from your windscreen.

Even in dry conditions windscreen wipers are essential for clearing dust and debris. Attempting to clear dirt and dust by using both the spray nozzles on your bonnet and the wipers can result
in dirt smeared even further across your windscreen, affecting visibility and causing a hazard.

Slow road to safety

While Victoria’s road fatality rate has consistently improved, Western Australia has gone from Australia’s best performing state to its worst. John Rees asks, what is Victoria doing that we’re not?

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Cruising the Murray

Joanne Brookfield takes a paddlewheeler along the mighty Murray River in South Australia and discovers a beguiling slice of outback life.

Road safety message cuts through

Thousands of Perth students watched as police and other emergency services attended a serious road crash as part of a dramatisation staged for  the RAC bstreetsmart road safety event at Perth Arena.

Students in years 10 to 12 watched a live, simulated crash scene and witnessed first-hand the enormous number of people and services involved when a serious crash occurs.