After setting up camp at Pinnacles Holiday Park on Friday evening, our second GET Sandy event got underway early on Saturday morning with a relaxed start over a cup of coffee and a good chance to socialise before the inevitable comparison of vehicles commenced. There was a great range for the tour from a stock Triton to a Landrover Discovery 3 to a modified GU Patrol ute.

Nathan Crossley
4WD Trainer, RAC DTEC

At around 9:30 we rolled out of town heading south down the coast towards Wedge Island, we pulled up at the start of the dunes where greeted by three emus just strolling through without a care – one of many great photo opportunities for the day. After airing down, we proceeded into the dunes and before long we had our first vehicle get bogged – the very nice Discovery 3.

Although looking very firm, the dunes still had a lot of moisture and were extremely soft. It was a challenging drive with a lot of razorback edges and sandrifts that would suck the momentum out of the 4WD’s even with pressure’s right down. However, this was a great chance to demonstrate different recovery techniques and put them into real life practice. The vehicle that got stuck the most was the RAC DTEC leader’s car, our new Prado, which was driven by Nathan as he was proving the route for the rest of the vehicles in the convoy.

Lunch was a relaxed affair on the beach where people swapped holiday stories and 4WD tips and tricks. The local Rangers also popped by for a chat to see how we were enjoying the area. Proceeding back into the dunes for a couple more hours of driving we had three fairly deep recoveries required with the DTEC Prado was victim of two of these and the very capable Patrol ute was possibly the deepest and hardest recoveries of the day.

On returning to the camp site at Pinnacles Holiday Park, pretty well everyone went off went for a swim or had showers and some of our youngest trekkers had a cheeky fish down on the beach and hauled in a couple of nice herring and whiting.

Just before sunset we headed off to Nambung National Park (aka The Pinnacles) for a scenic drive through this ancient wonder. Waiting for twilight to finally dwell we were able to see the night skies come alive with stars and with no moon and no other light pollution it didn’t disappoint.

It was then back to the camp site for some celebratory “frothies” and to chat about the day’s events and lessons learnt.

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