We are nearing the end of Bike Week 2015, and what a week it has been!

The rapidly growing popularity of cycling, for commuting and leisure, has been clear from the community interest and involvement in the various events and activities over the course of the week.  We were also overwhelmed with the response to RAC’s Cycling Survey 2015 – which sparked the interest of over 5,500 people from across WA.

Now is clearly the time to cater for, and capitalise, on this increasing demand.

RAC has been advocating strongly for investment in cycling to help tackle congestion and improve the health and wellbeing of our cities and towns.  For even more people to view cycling as a safe and viable transport option accelerated investment in both infrastructure and educational programs is needed.

RAC’s State Budget Submission 2015/16 calls on the State Government for increased investment in cycling.  One of the things we are calling for is the planning of new green mode bridges.

Green mode bridges are designed to cater for cyclists, pedestrians and / or public transport, and are not for use by general traffic.  Such bridges provide dedicated and direct connections to wider networks, reducing barriers created by rivers, roads and railway lines.

We are also calling on the State Government to:

  • Fund and deliver an audit all on-road cycle routes in the next term of Government;
  • Develop WA-specific network planning and design guidelines for the Perth Bicycle Network; and
  • Advance completion of the remaining planned, but unconstructed, high standard dual use paths (Principal Shared Paths).

Read the article at The West Australian website.