With summer in full swing, and the days heating up, we’ve put together a few tips to make those blue skies more enjoyable on the bike.

A well planned route can help you escape the heat of the day, consider the following:

  • Shade: A tree lined country road can be many degrees cooler than a freeway and have the added benefit of being more fun to ride, with lots of great curves and hills.
  • Stop Lights: Routes that include many stop lights should be avoided too. Not only will the engine get hot very quickly (air or water-cooled engines will both suffer), but the heat from both the road and the engine will rise to make the rider very hot!
  • Traffic jams and road repair: Road repair can result in backed up traffic and should be avoided at all costs.

Other things to consider to help you enjoy your summer riding is:

  • Rehydration: Remember to drink plenty of fluids, especially if the day is very hot. If doing a longer ride, consider a “camel pack”.
  • Safety Gear: Dress for the slide and not for the ride! Despite it being hot, protective gear is extremely important in the event of an accident or a slide down an extremely hot road.
  • Sunburn: Safety gear covers most of your skin but there is still your face and neck exposed to the harsh Australian sun.  Remember the sunscreen!
  • Sunglasses: A good pair of sunglasses can help minimize the glare experienced when riding.  Remember that a tinted visor still needs to be Australian Standards approved and cannot be used at night.

If you should get stuck in backed up traffic unexpectedly, it is best to switch off the engine if you are likely to be there for a substantial length of time. This is particularly important for air-cooled bikes.

Be mindful that batteries do not like extreme weather conditions especially heat and may fail on hot summer’s days. RAC provide a drop off and go battery service 7 days a week for members. For more information visit the Motorbikes Batteries page on the RAC website.

There you have it, mechanically look out for your battery and plan your route to get the most out of your ride.