Attwoods, Lynas and Skipper Bailey were big names in car sales in Perth during the First World War and all were still going strong until the late 1970s. Historian A. John Parker reports that William Attwood’s business became a Holden
dealership from 1948.

In 1971, the Perth-based business went up in flames, and with it went the Attwood name. The business was shifted to outer-suburban Wanneroo and renamed Phoenix Holden, as it had risen from the ashes. Vern Lynas survives in name, kind
of – Lynas Ford was shortened to Lynford Motors in 1984. In 1914, an ex-Swan River ferry captain named his business Skipper Bailey. The business was bought in 1980 by Perth dealer John Hughes, who used the Skipper name until 2005.

Early dealers were keen to show off their wares so any opportunity for a public outing, such as the annual agricultural show, a hill climb or a float parade, was taken. During the war they combined these activities with raising funds for war
causes. Cars would also be loaned to the military to transport officers to Blackboy Hill training camp and to take the wounded from troop ships to hospital.

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