It’s that time of the year, when the weather warms up and dries out, perfect weather to get out on the motorbike and enjoy the ride.

For some, winter may have been a time to put the motorbike in storage and therefore there are 5 simple checks that will make that first ride back  a pleasure.

1. Change your oil and oil filter

This is not a must if your motorbike has been recently serviced or stored for a short period of time, but just in case follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for what type of oil is best for your motorbike

2. Check tyres and tyre pressure

Look for any signs of wear and tear that may cause problems. In addition during storage air would’ve leached out so it’s worthwhile checking pressures and reinflating when necessary.

3. Recharge the battery.

If your battery wasn’t on maintenance charge it may need replacing or at the least recharging. In both cases this is worth checking prior to ride day. Both battery chargers and motorbike batteries can be purchased from the RAC online store. Delivery is within 48 hours.

4. Check brake pads and chain.

Worn chains and brake pads can be easily checked prior to use. To check if the chain is worn, grab a link with 2 fingers on the rear sprocket, if you can lift the chain clear of the sprocket it will need replacing soon. Check brake pads according to your manual. Another tip is to look at the slits (if your brake pads have these) on your brake pads; if you can see them you’re fine.

5. Clean and lube.

With everything checked it time to clean and lube. Chains are best lubed when they are hot and frequently as opposed to cold and all in one go. Apply some lube, take your bike a spin and then lube again when you return. Check your cables and give them a drop of lube as well.

Now that you are back riding, don’t forget to check your motorbike insurance covers your bike and your riding gear. Hopefully the above tips are useful and make for a trouble free ride, this summer. Stay upright and ride safe!