To keep your family safe and your summer caravanning holiday on track, before you head off remember to service your towing vehicle to ensure it’s in top mechanical condition.

Read on to discover more tips and safety advice on towing a caravan or trailer.

RAC’s caravan towing tips

  • Don’t overload your caravan and make sure any weight you add to it is evenly distributed across the axle
  • The suspension of the tow vehicle must be in good order. Up-rated springs and shock absorbers may need to be considered.
  • Check that the download on the towbar does not exceed the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maximum.
  • Caravans and trailers need their wheel bearings inspected every 12 months to ensure that there is no excessive play and the grease is in good condition.
  • Remember to keep a distance of 200m between caravans in a convoy or any caravans you come across on the road.
  • Before setting off on your trip make sure you check all of your caravan’s lights are in working order and it has been hitched correctly.
  • Tyre pressures are just as important on the caravan as they are on the car. After travelling 100kms always pull over to check pressure on all tyres.
  • Check your trailer hubs after 100kms. They should be warm to touch. If they are too hot to touch you may have poor grease or the bearings are too tight.

RAC has a dedicated page for towing a caravan safely.  If you are looking to gain more confidence and improve your towing techniques, RAC DTEC offers a Towing Course, which covers all of the above and more.