Lake Argyle is an amazing part of the scenery in the Kimberleys.  Simone Labady provides the next installment from her Jawun Adventure, with a sea plane ride over Lake Argyle.

Saturday 15th March 2014

This morning we got up at 6am to go on a sea plane over Lake Argyle – awesome. I’ve never landed on the water. We stopped at one of the islands so it was a great experience when landing and taking  off.

Some facts about Lake Argyle:

  • Before the dam was built the area was part of an old cattle station originally owned by the Durack family
  • The Durack family went broke during the Depression and so had to sell the farm to the government
  • The first dam was completed in 1972
  • Aboriginal caves,  rock paintings and burial sites lay 15 metres below water level
  • The Miriwoong mob rarely visit the Lake as the area has significant cultural meaning for them
  • Lake Argyle is 14 times bigger than Sydney harbour and swells to 24 times bigger in the wet season
  • The area surrounding it is really fertile for agriculture.