As the rain starts to fall in Perth, many motorbike riders look at storing their bike until the dryer weather returns.  Here are some handy tips on making sure your two-wheeled pride and joy is stored correctly for winter.

Tip 1:  It’s time to hibernatestoring your motorbike for winter

Location is key. Simply put, storing your motorbike in a dry well-ventilated area is important.

This is to avoid condensation when the sun goes down.


Tip 2: Keeping the bits clean

Preventing corrosion may be a concern and in order to avoid this a bit of elbow grease is necessary.

Polish all chrome, wax and polish all other parts and remember to lubricate the chain.


Tip 3: Look after your battery

Depending on the length of storage, it is rwinterising your motorbike batteryecommended that you place your battery on a maintenance charge to ensure it doesn’t completely discharge and fail to start your motorbike. The CTEK battery charger is recommended as it charges many different vehicles and motorbikes.


Tip 4: Cover up

cover your motorbike for winter

The last tip we suggest is to cover your motorbike with a porous motorbike cover, which allows it to breath and protects it from moisture.


Follow these tips and your first ride post winter will be enjoyable!