What an incredible day!

Today we took the 4WDs and headed to the NT border. I had one foot in NT and one in WA!

We visited Lake Argyle, a man-made lake that was created by the Ord River Dam project phase 1. Thousands upon thousands of freshwater crocodiles live in Lake Argyle but people still swim because supposedly freshwater crocs don’t eat humans. So if you have the guts, go for it!

On the other side of the Dam leading into the Ord River live saltwater crocs. Never go swimming with these little buggers because they do bite. We saw a number of them lying low in the water waiting to snatch their food.

Another 35 degree day with high humidity saw us stopping at Molly Springs for a swim. The track into Molly Springs was exceptionally muddy and so we did some serious 4Wding to get there. We got through without a hitch (driven by yours truly) and enjoyed the cool waters with beautiful surrounds and a picturesque waterfall. Traditional Aboriginal culture is particularly spiritual. I love this aspect of their culture. A person is to be invited and announced to the springs. We were not. This is considered to be bad luck and often the water snakes will eat you. Well, we managed to escape being eaten by a water snake but on the way out (not driven by yours truly), we got bogged!

The mud was just like quick sand. Our 4wd training sprang us into action. First we tried to dig our wheels out of the quick sand but the holes just kept filling back up with water and sand. We placed rocks and branches under the wheels. We tried a snatch strap and low and behold the recovery car got bogged too. The third car, the one we now needed to drive for help, was on a very dicey angle, almost at tipping point, with one wheel on dry land and the other sunken in the mud. It was up to someone to reverse it out to dry land. I volunteered. I had absolutely no doubt, I could do it. Supposedly, the unwavering determination you need in a situation like this.

With the car in reverse, I put my foot on the accelerator, straightened the wheels and made it to dry land. Yee haa!

To cut a long story short, a real 4WD with a winch came along shortly after and rescued us.

We had a huge laugh later that night. I’d been shooting videos of the event and when we went to watch them, I realised not one of them had worked. Ahhh….


Simone Ladaby

Project and Internet Channel Manager

RAC Insurance