What are the Best 10 West Australian island experiences? Whilst Rottnest Island is arguably WA’s favorite island get-away, there are other great island experiences as well.

Wilderness Island

Go to Wilderness Island in the Exmouth Gulf for the ultimate in island seclusion. There are only five beach-front safari cabins with a maximum of 10 guests at a time. The cabins are all in an elevated position just 15 metres from the water with spectacular views over the gulf.

Abrolhos Islands

The Abrolhos Island group is made up of 122 islands surrounded by a coral reef 55km west of Geraldton. Home to large breeding colonies of seabirds, the area is dotted with wrecks, the most famous being the Batavia, which ran aground in 1629. A scenic flight can show you the area, plus you’ll land on an island for a swim and a snorkel.

Penguin Island

Part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and just a short five minute ferry ride from Shoalwater Bay, Penguin Island’s main attraction is the colony of little penguins – the world’s smallest penguin – but dolphins and sea lions are also regular visitors. Hire a kayak or take a tour on the glass bottom boat.

Woody Island

Woody Island is part of the magnificent Recherche Archipelago near Esperance. The island’s sheltered bays make it ideal for swimming, with a snorkel trail winding through some of the best  underwater sights. Take a day tour or stay overnight in safari-style huts.

Direction Island

Dirk Harog Island: WAs largest island

Dirk Harog Island: WAs largest island

Part of the Mackerel Island group, Direction Island offers one of WA’s most unique island getaways – the chance to have an island all to yourself. Just 11 kilometres from the Pilbara coast, up to six guests can stay in an A-frame beach cabin. Fish, dive and snorkel in the pristine waters of your own little island paradise.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest is WA’s most popular and arguably best-loved island experience. Even when the afternoon sea breeze is in you can always find a sheltered bay to take a dip. While most come for the beach, the island’s walking trails and historic sites add another dimension to a Rotto getaway.

Montebello Islands

The Montebello Islands west of Dampier are part of an important marine park. There are more than 250 low-lying islands and islets fringed by a striking coral reef and dotted with mangroves. Dugongs feed in the area, which is also visited by turtles, dolphins and whales. Local cruise operators offer tours around the island group.

Dampier Archipelago

With 25 of the 42 islands in the Dampier Archipelago part of a protected marine park, this is a fantastic spot to experience the North West’s unspoilt marine wonders. Enderby and  Rosemary Islands also have some of the best examples of Indigenous rock art and on Malus Island you can explore the remains of the old whaling and pearling stations.

Dirk Hartog Island

In the Shark Bay World Heritage area, Dirk Hartog Island is WA’s largest island and was named after the Dutch sea captain who landed there in 1616. Today visitors can relax on secluded white sandy beaches, scuba dive and snorkel along the reefs and enjoy year-round sport fishing.

Buccaneer Archipelago

Over 1000 islands make up WA’s unique and breathtaking Buccaneer Archipelago off the Kimberley coast. Surrounded by turquoise water and dotted with mangroves, patches of rainforest and reefs, a must see is Talbot Bay’s horizontal waterfall. The best way to experience its remote secluded beaches is on a scenic cruise or by taking a seaplane flight and landing at Talbot Bay.