We’ve been overwhelmed with nominations for risky roads throughout the state with over 3,000 nominations being received in the first few weeks of the campaign.

Many members have commented about cycling and pedestrian facilities and there have been a lot of nominations for intersections where drivers feel unsafe making a right turn across the traffic.

We’ve also had a few members ask us what constitutes a risky road. So here is a bit of a breakdown for you.

A risky road is one that is unsafe for a reasonable person, travelling unimpaired at the speed limit.

The Safe System principles for road safety encourage road environments to be designed so that a minor mistake by a good driver does not cost the life of the driver or the passengers in the vehicle.

It might be that the speed limit is set too high for the conditions; it might be that the road is literally falling apart with crumbling edges or potholes that have not been fixed. Sometimes we see trees that once posed no threat but have now grown very large and reside just centimetres from the roadside. We’ve recently visited some major routes in the Wheatbelt following the peak of the grain harvest and seen not only trees dangerously close to the road but also roads that have been battered by heavy haulage.

The road surface on the Brookton Highway breaking up.

The road surface on the Brookton Highway breaking up.

Let’s work together to get them fixed.

Tell us about risky roads in your area by nominating a Risky Road today! riskyroads.com.au