More of our members are choosing to own or ride a motorbike. In fact, the motorbike market in Western Australia has seen an increase of 31% over the past five years.  In making sure we keep meeting the needs of our members, on the 2nd of April 2014, our online RAC store began selling motorbike batteries by Motobatt, a leading manufacturer and global contributor of premium Powersports batteries.

Mottobatt Motorbike batteries are now available from RAC

Motorbike batteries can now be purchased through RAC Batteries.

Motobatt has been chosen as the approved supplier for motorbike batteries, based on their superior quality. Unlike other brands, a Motobatt battery has no acid and is maintenance free. Their products have been adapted to today’s market place by battling the triple threat: high vibrations, high starting loads and additional high powered accessory loads. Motobatt pack as much lead in their batteries as possible, in the most innovative way. Low cost batteries are cheaper for one reason; less lead, which could leave you stranded.

Motobatt is superior by design as they use Advanced Glass Matt technology. The key benefits of an AGM battery are: Longevity and reliability, much lower discharge, each plate is wrapped in glass wool matting which keeps the plates separated in a cushioned environment. As a result, this stops the plates vibrating and causing faults between the plates.

One reviewer said:

“Product arrived on time and is exactly as advertised. Replacement took only a few minutes: Took more time to find the tools than to replace the battery”.

Our RAC members can benefit by receiving free postage for any of the 34 Motobatt batteries that cover 184 part numbers, for non-members delivery is only $16.40. You will receive a fully charged battery, an easy six step guide on how to install the battery and a Motobatt 12 month warranty with every purchase. If you require assistance in regards to the battery, you can call or email us at the RAC.

For more information, please visit the Motorbike Batteries section on the RAC website.