The RAC is urging local governments to proactively manage additional congestion by encouraging new land developers to create and implement an employee travel plan, as part of their planning approval.

The findings were released in a new RAC Mobility Bulletin Travel planning for new developments: Advice for local governments, which advocates in favour of developers implementing a travel plan to reduce congestion.

The report found encouraging land developers to incorporate walking, cycling and car-pooling into their development plan at the approval stage could help ease pressure on transport networks. It would also avoid the unnecessary expense associated with retro-fitting facilities.

It is estimated that by 2020, an additional 1 million cars will be on WA roads and congestion will cost the Western Australian economy $2.1 billion in lost productivity.

In 2012, the RAC developed its own travel plan, which encourages a number of initiatives including an electric pool bike scheme, car-pooling database, cycling hub and better access to transport information.

The report is available for download here.