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Staff Driver Training – a critical part of your OH&S Plan

The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 outlines that an employer must provide information, instruction and training to employees to enable them to perform their work so they are not exposed to hazards; this includes employees on the road. Leader’s must also exercise due diligence to ensure that their employer complies with health and safety duties.

But, it’s not just your high level management who need to consider safety- employees must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and adhere to policies/procedures that relate to work health or safety.

David Leith wrote in Safety WA magazine that for “most employees, work-related driving is the most hazardous activity they are exposed to in their jobs. Consider the average employee who drives to a site inspection or a client meeting in the suburbs or a regional centre. Immediately, the risk rating of his or her job rises substantially” ‘. As Leith points out the likelihood of serious injury or death may still be low, but the consequences of a car accident are huge.

For over 109 years the RAC has been advocating for road safety within the WA community. It’s something we take seriously and believe that if we are going to advocate driver training then we must have proof to back it up.

With the aim of reducing and ultimately eliminating, road crashes as a cause of injury in the workplace the RAC Fleet Safety Guidelines define our commitment that defensive driver training is mandatory for anyone driving 2 or more times each week as part of their role. Employees who meet this requirement must undertake the RAC Driving Centre’s accredited Defensive Driving Course with a refresher course being completed after three years. Participants undergo theory and practical components for defensive driving in hazardous conditions, risk management, vehicle dynamics as well as braking in various conditions.

For more information on driver safety and what the RAC is doing click here or to find out more about how the RAC can help with your driver training call 1300 136 598

The RAC strongly encourages other WA businesses to take the steps in not only protecting your employees but the whole community of Western Australia.

‘David Leith, Safety WA Magazine (Willeton, Western Australia, December 2012) Pg 6.

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Electrikhana at the RAC Driving Centre

For the third year in a row, the Perth branch of Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) is holding their exciting Electrikhana Event at the RAC Driving Centre to showcase the latest in electric vehicle technology.

A number of different electric vehicles and conversion cars, including a Ford Mustang will be showcased at the Driving Centre as well as the RAC’s very own Nissan Leaf! Test drives will be available for a small fee which gets you unlimited drives of electric scooters, e-bikes and various new model electric vehicles such as the Mitsubishi iMiEV and the Holden Volt. There will also be displays from leading energy efficient and automotive companies.

Details of the Day:

When: Saturday 8th March 2014, 9am – 5pm

Where: RAC Driving Centre: 46 Grogan Road, Perth Airport WA 6105

Details: Entry is just $4 per person. $10 will buy you entry and unlimited test-drives of all production EVs, conversions, scooters and e-bikes!

The Driving Centre invites you to come down and bring the family for a fun day out.